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Cardiovascular disease prevention & support

Cardiovascular health Naturopath Melbourne

Welcome! I’m Magdalene, The Heart Health Naturopath.

You may have found me because you want to help manage your cardiovascular condition.

Perhaps your doctor has warned that if you don’t get your cholesterol levels under control, you will have to go on medication. 


Or you have a strong family history of cardiovascular disease and you want to prevent going down that path. 


As a naturopath, I help prevent cardiovascular conditions for those at risk, as well as support people who have diagnosed cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

If you would like more information about me and why I decided to become The Heart Health Naturopath, click here.



Every body is individual and unique.  This is why I have a very individualised approach with my patients to bring on long lasting positive change.  I take an integrative approach, working together with other practitioners to ensure quality and comprehensive service.  For more information click here.

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