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Cardiovascular health naturopath
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Cardiovascular Health


High cholesterol


Metabolic Syndrome

Weight Loss 

My Story


Hello and welcome!

My name is Magdalene and I am The Heart Health Naturopath. 

After graduating from a Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy), I worked for many years as a generalist naturopath, consulting with people who presented with various conditions. 

However, it was the cardiometabolic cases which I was most curious about.  Most of these patients came to see me for other issues, however when looking into their blood test results, it would cause me much concern. 

Rising cholesterol levels, worsening blood glucose and insulin levels, and less than optimal kidney function would be starting back at me.  Many of these patients were told by their doctors to manage their diets to prevent progression, however they themselves weren’t too sure how to do so or weren’t too concerned, unbeknownst to the immense health issues that they soon were to be facing in a few years. 

This also got me thinking about my own family history and the generations of cardiovascular disease.  From heart attacks to heart failure, to difficulty walking due to peripheral arterial disease.  Despite both sides of my family eating heavy and traditional Eastern European food, diet was never considered and the above conditions were thought of as genetic disorders. 

It is the notion that diet and lifestyle have little positive effect is why I am here.  You can make a significant difference to your cardiometabolic health with the right tools.  The scientific research and evidence is there and clearly shows that you can significantly improve your outcomes and dare I say, reverse some conditions too.

Ready to make a huge difference in your life?

Click here to find out how to work with me. 

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