Initial Consultation

cardiovascular Naturopathic consultation

This consultation type is for new patients.

During this hour, we will extensively go through your health history to date.  Gathering these details will enable me to get an idea of how I can move forward to help you as an individual, as we are all different.  You will receive a detailed treatment plan at your return consultation, which will outline how we are going to move forward, by what means and how long it may take.

Initial consultation (1hour) - $160

Please note that currently, all consultations are on an online basis.

Return Consultation

Naturopath consultation

For return patients who have had an initial consultation.  

Return consultation (30mins) - $70

Please note that currently, all consultations are on an online basis.

Meal Plans
Heart healthy meal plan

Meal plans are formulated & based on your individual needs.  Your specific meal plan will take into consideration your individual health status, cooking ability and the time you have to prepare & cook food. 

Meal plans include all recipes and are an extra cost.  Please note, due to their individuality, only patients who have had an initial consultation can obtain a meal plan.


For a free sample 1-day meal plan, please visit my Resources page. 

I highly value businesses who give back to those in need & for this reason I have decided to donate 5% of every consultation to heart focused charities.  The money is donated every quarter of the year & is evenly spread out to the following:


A not-for-profit organisation that supports & advocates for all people impacted by childhood heart disease.

An Australian medical NGO dedicated to providing life saving heart surgery for young people of East Timor.

Australia's only not-for-profit focused on the prevention of women's heart disease.