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Understanding Your Blood Test Results

The Ebook is Here!

What is this Ebook and why did I make it?

Time and time again in my practice and even when just chatting to people, I heard the same story over and over. “I’ve been feeling unwell, but my blood test results came back fine.” As a naturopath, I’ve never been satisfied with this.

In all those cases where I was able to look at those blood test results, and I saw otherwise. I saw a story, a story about that person’s body, their health and the trajectory their health was going in.

The problem is, the reference ranges used by the blood test labs are very broad.

So broad in fact that once you have a result marked outside a range, there is usually some dysfunction happening in the body.

As you may know, us naturopaths are all about prevention, because indeed prevention is better than cure, right? This is why when we look at results, we use our own ranges, ranges for optimal health.

I remember one case in particular that has always stuck with me. I asked a patient of mine to show me her blood test results. She was told that she needed to go back and check up again in 6 months, however no other advice was given. Despite her results falling within the reference ranges, I was alarmed.

Her kidney function was so low that something had to be done right there and then. Diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal supplementation was imperative, because if not, she would be ready for dialysis in 6-12 months time. A classic example of results falling within range, however not being okay. It's stories like these ones that make me so passionate about this.

This Ebook is a guide for you and a general overview of what results may mean when they fall outside our naturopathic optimal ranges (from nutritional deficiencies to functional causes).

It is important to note, this Ebook is not a self-diagnosis tool and I definitely do not recommend self-prescribing with nutritional or herbal medicines. This Ebook serves to give you a better understanding of your results and what may be happening in your body. If you see a concern, please consult with a qualified naturopath.

Being The Heart Health Naturopath, I also made this Ebook with cardiovascular health in mind, because if you notice your results are creeping up, it’s time to act.

Blood test results that are covered include:

Cardiovascular Markers (and extra calculations you can do yourself for more insight);

Blood Glucose & Insulin;

Liver Markers (i.e., enzymes);

Kidney Health;

Complete/Full Blood Count;

Iron Studies;

Folate & Vitamin B12;

Thyroid Studies;


Vitamin D.

*The Ebook covers reference ranges for adults, not children/infants.

Find the Ebook here.


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