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What is a Naturopath & How do We Work?

Well, first things first: What is a Naturopath? If you have any questions about how we work, this blog will clear that up for you.

As Naturopaths, we highly value a food as medicine approach
Naturopaths are complementary holistic health practitioners

Think of a nutritionist and a herbalist and mesh them together and you have a naturopath. That is what we are in the most simplest of explanations. We are however more than that in how we work.

For every patient we see, we take an individualised approach. We know that every body is different. Not every disorder or disease presents in the textbook format. Each individual has their own and unique factors that affect the presentation of a disorder or disease.

These factors include: one’s stress levels, surrounding environment, what they do for work, their diet, how they move/if they can exercise and their medical history, to name a few.

How Do We Use This Information?

As naturopaths, we take all these factors into consideration when assessing how to help you on your health journey and make you feel better. This is why we refer to ourselves as holistic. We look at the whole sum of a person and not just their separate parts.

Due to the above, this is why an initial consultation takes about 1 hour as it gives ample time to gather all the above information, which in turn gives a solid picture into how your body works.

It's not our place to take over your doctor's role. We work together with them.

I also call myself a complementary practitioner as my role is not to take over your doctor’s nor your cardiologist’s role in your health. I strongly believe that an integrated working relationship between all practitioners is a successful and beneficial one for the patient.

If you want to learn a bit more about me and my working history, head over to my About page.


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